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Издано более 15 научных трудов

Within the limits of UNESCO Program «On a way to culture of the world», on the basis of the Agreement between the Commission of the Russian Federation on businesses of UNESCO and the Ministry of Republic Tatarstan (1999) and of the Decree of the Ministry of Republic Tatarstan (No.605 from 13.09.1999) has been created the Kazan State Institute for the Culture of Peace of UNESCO.

It is the first-ever specialized institute on training of personnel of peacemakers of civil type (unlike military peacemakers – «blue helmets» of the United Nations). It also conducts the big research activity: presentation of a thesis, a writing of books, realization of scientific forums, participate in UNESCO programs, development and realization of national and international projects.

One of the first projects was the Program «Russia is a culture of the world. 2000». The presentation of this Program and the Institute of culture of the world of UNESCO has passed in the framework of 30th General conference of UNESCO (1999).

Then at the initiative of Institute of culture of the world under the aegis of UNESCO have been realized 3 projects more (the Program «Kazan is a city of culture of the world (2000-2005)», the Project «The Great Volga way (2000-2005)», the International conference «The Civil education in the XXI century: the international experience, the Russian measurement. 2007»).

Now three large-scale projects are priority: The International project «Volga (Nile) – Nile (Volga): dialogue of the people, cultures and civilizations in historical measurement» (2007-2010), The International competition of an Islamic fashion, The International scientifically-practical conference «Tourist's-factor» – «Formation of the industry of tourism – the factor of economic development of region».

On the basis of the agreement between Institute of culture of the world (UNESCO), the International humanitarian academy "Europe-Asia", the International fund of culture of the world, of the International academy of the human factor, of the International Federation of the world and the consent, of the Russian academy of the humanities has been created the Commission on awarding of incentive reward. The higher form of the award is the Gold medal «The Rose of the World» (in 5 nominations).

The first laureates of this award became the ex-general director of UNESCO F.Major, the ex-general director of UNESCO K.Matsuura, the deputy of the general director of UNESCO M.Bushenaki, the president of General conference of UNESCO M.Omoleva, the president of Iran M.Hattami, the ex-president of Republic Turkey A.Sezer… They are honorary academicians of International humanitarian academy «Europe-Asia». The ex-general director of UNESCO K.Matsuura is the honorary professor of Institute for the culture of peace (UNESCO).

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